Does My Teen Need Rehab?


teen drug rehab centersDoes Your Young Adult Need Rehab?

teen drug rehab centers
does my son need rehab
 teen drug rehab centers
When you find out that your son or daughter is using drugs or alcohol our first reaction is to think that this a phase they are going through. Often times this can be correct but for those who wait too long, get the help they need their addiction, most times, the addiction started in their teens. Making the decision to get your teen into a drug rehab center can be the best solution, even for the binge drinker or social drug user. Every addict starts somewhere, usually in their teens, finding and correcting the problem is the only solution you should accept as a parent.
 teen drug rehab centers
Addiction happens at any age and in young adults, it can start as early as 10 years old and even younger. If your teen keeps using drugs or alcohol despite the harmful effects, he or she may need to seek some professional help.

The counselors at Free My Addiction can help you learn the signs of drug abuse in teens and help you find your child the best treatment program for addiction in or out of your area. Call us as soon as possible if you suspect your child is on drugs or drinking alcohol.


Know the Signs of Teen Drug or Alcohol Addiction

When an adolescent starts behaving differently, withdrawn, evasive, depressed, or hostile, it can be a sign that there is something going on that needs to be looked at closer. Parents may not notice these subtle signs and think that they are just a normal part of puberty. Below is a list of other signs to look for.

 teen drug rehab centers
  • Change in friends
  • Not grooming themselves like they used to
  • Activities stop
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Changes in sleeping habits
  • Pushing family and friends away
  • School problems or problems with the law
  • Missing classes and skipping School
  • Grades dropping
  • Becomes secretive and uses no names when seeing friends
  • Positive social activities stop
Finding out that your son or daughter needs help with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is the first step in the recovery process for them. Correcting addiction is always easier when they are still young. Waiting for the right time for treatment can be too late for them, there is no good time to enter into a drug rehab center for teens.
 teen drug rehab centers

Where to start when you want to get help for your teen. 

 teen drug rehab centers
Asking for help from addiction professionals is an invaluable resource that is usually free of charge.
You can take your child to a doctor to perform a drug screening and other related medical issues associated with addiction to drugs or alcohol. You will need to inform your doctor of your concerns and make sure that you get permission from your teen so any and all information can be shared by your healthcare professional.
teen drug rehab centers
If your teen refuses to cooperate and refuses to adhere to your request it could be time for an intervention.
Most teens will only seek help with addiction when faced with adverse effects of addiction such as court issues, family pressure, or school problems. Finding an interventionist that can handle teen addiction and transportation will help the family understand the addiction and treatment process. A good interventionist will work with the family before the intervention, during the intervention process, and provide support while your child is in treatment.
free drug rehabs for teenagers

drug rehab centers for my sonHow do I find the right treatment center for my teen?

teen drug rehab centers
When you decide that your teen might benefit from treatment for their addiction, locating the right treatment center for them is important. Finding a program that will, not only, help their mental and physical state but also introduce them to activities that are positive and productive is the key to long-lasting sobriety.
 teen drug rehab centers
Give us a call and we will help you find out if your teen has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Free My Addiction is now offering free telephone assessments and placements into a teen drug rehab. 1-800-513-5423



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