How Using Drugs Affects You

Effects of Drug Use Over Time

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What Using Drugs Eventually Does To You


The more a person uses drugs and alcohol, the guiltier they will feel, and the more depressed they will become. The person who uses drugs will often sacrifice their personal integrity, relationships with friends and family, their job, their life savings, and anything else they may have in an attempt to get more drugs. Feeding the addiction is now the most important thing in this person’s life. Relationships, schoolwork, or job performance will go drastically downhill.

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How Drugs Affect Behavior

The teen addicted to drugs will now attempt to hide their drug use from friends and family members. The addicted person will begin to suffer the effects of their own dishonesty and guilt. The young adult may become withdrawn and difficult to reason with. The teenager may behave strangely.

Drugs And Personality Change

There is such a thing as a “drug personality.” It is artificial and is created by drugs. Drugs can change the attitude of a person from their original personality to one secretly harboring hostilities and hatreds they do not permit to show on the surface. This establishes a link between drugs and increasing difficulties with crime, production, and the modern breakdown of social and industrial culture.

Drug personality includes such characteristics as:

*Mood swings
*Unreliable. Unable to finish projects.
*Unexpressed resentment and secret hatreds.
*Dishonesty. Lies to family, friends, teachers, coaches, and employers.
*Withdraws from those who love him. Isolates self.
*May appear chronically depressed.
*May begin stealing from family and friends.

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