Rehab Centers for My Daughter

Rehab for Teen Girls

Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Options  

   We can help you locate a rehab center for your teenage daughter with addiction issues. Call us today for a referral to one of our all-girls drug rehab centers.

rehab centers for girls

Teen Girls More Vulnerable to Alcohol and Drug Use  

   Analysis of a 2009 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study indicated the following:
Teen girls are more likely to perceive “self-medicating” benefits with drinking and getting high.
More than two-thirds of teen girls responded positively to the question “Using drugs helps kids deal with problems at home” (an 11 percent increase, up from 61 percent in 2008 to 68 percent in 2009).
More than half reported that drugs help teens forget their troubles (a 10 percent increase, up from 48 percent in 2008 to 53 percent in 2009). This article contains information from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America®,
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