Free Drug Rehabs for Teens

Medicaid and State Funded Treatment Services for Kids

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Free, State Funded, and Medicaid Approved Drug Rehabs for Teens

Finding a free drug rehab center that will accept your teenager can be a difficult but necessary part of being a parent. The decision to help your teen overcome addiction is the most important decision that you will ever make for your child. Sometimes financial situations prevent people from making the decision to go to rehab. This is why some adolescent and young adult treatment centers are free of charge. Others will take Medicaid as payment for treatment. Others can accept private health insurance such as Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Please give one of our counselors a call and we will help you locate a drug rehab program that is free of charge or that will accept your insurance. We will get you started in helping your child onto the road to recovery. You need to make the choice NOW before it is too late. Our counselors have helped thousands of people find a free teen drug rehab center near their town. Don’t put off treatment. We are here to help you locate the best free treatment center for your child today.


If you need help for an adult in your life Addiction No More is a locator service for treatment programs for adults.

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