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Heroin addiction treatment

Heroin is very dangerous, and highly addictive. It enters the brain rapidly and
makes people think and react slowly. It causes them to have difficulty

remembering things, it effects the way that they act and make decisions. when a

person is addicted to Heroin there is a complete lifestyle that goes along with

this type of addiction. This is why it is important to get the person to a

treatment facility that is setup to handle heroin addicts. The average

28 day program has almost no chance of working on a Heroin addict.

When a person has gone past using Heroin for recreation and has become

physically addicted to the substance it can take up to two weeks just to detox

and this will leave only two weeks for treatment. Therein lies one of the

problems, a heroin addict needs to be separated from the environment he or she

is using in for no less than 3 months to ensure the best possible outcome from a

treatment facility.

This drug poses special problems for those injecting this drug because of the

risks of HIV, Hepatitis and other diseases that can occur from sharing a needle,

spoon, or cotton. These diseases can be passed to sexual partners

and newborns.

Heroin is one of the top 3 frequently reported drugs in drug abuse deaths.

Violence and crime are also linked to this drug.

Getting a Heroin addict to seek help can be a difficult task to undertake, But

most Heroin addicts are tired of being a slave to this drug and will be receptive

to treatment. Most heroin addicts use this drug daily to maintain what they call

being well once the drug wears off the addict becomes irritable, anxious and

their bones feel like they ache from the inside out. When a Heroin addict has no

money and is on the verge of being sick this is when they can make some

decisions that they normally would not make. This is the point when they can do

anything illegal to facilitate their habit.
Several of the people that work for Free My Addiction have been through
Heroin Addiction and can relate to the Addict on their level. We can also

recommend the best treatment available for this drug or any opiate for that


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