Personality Changes in your Teen

Personality Changes in your Teen

Long-term alcoholism and drug addiction can cause one’s personality to change. This is called the Biochemical Personality. The Biochemical Personality is caused by drugs and the lifestyle of the addict.

Some of the characteristics are:

* Mood swings

* Unreliable. Unable to finish projects.

* Unexpressed resentment and secret hatreds.

* Dishonesty. Lies to family, friends, employers.

* Withdraws from those who love him. Isolates self.

* May appear chronically depressed.

* May begin stealing from family and friends.

If your teen is showing some of these signs or of you are looking for a treatment center for teenage addiction, call us today. Our addiction referral services are undertaken in the strictest of confidence. The use of any and all information provided is restricted to a confidential addiction and substance abuse assessment and the determination of an appropriate addiction treatment center.

In United States if your child is suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse and need substance abuse counseling or know someone who does, you can find the substance abuse counselor that’s right for you. Do yourself and those around you a favor, get the help for your teen that they need now! 1-800-513-5423


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