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does my son need rehab

Does my Teen Need Rehab?

When you find out that your son or Daughter is using drugs or alcohol our first reaction is to think that this a phase they they are going through.through. Often times this can be correct but for those who never get the help they need their addiction started in their teens. Making the decision to get your teen into a drug rehab center can be the best solution even for the binge drinker or social drug user. Every Addict starts somewhere, Usually in their teens, finding and correcting the problem is the only solution you should accept as a parent.

why choose free my addiction

Why Choose Free My Addiction

Free My Addiction offers a unique approach to teen and young adult addiction treatment and behavioral disorders. We understand the concern you may have for your teenager. When you start to see the changing behaviors that are causing your youth to use drugs or alcohol it can be very heartbreaking.

restore your family

Family Restoration

Often times, the family can be torn apart from having a teenage addict. At, Free My Addiction, we put the family first. When your son or daughter get help for their addiction or behavioral problems, often times the family is left out of the treatment. We strive to help restore your family while your teen is in treatment and offer family counseling and outings with your son or daughter.

family overcame addiction


Treatment for addiction at a teen or adolescent drug rehab is often times the best solution you can make for your son,daughter and family. Teenagers are more independent and like to be treated as adults, all while being ill equipped to handle such responsibilities. Making the decision for them to enter into a program for behavioral or addiction problems can be the best answer to handle these problems.


Our son was really struggling with addiction so we called your hotline. The counselor placed Bill into a local rehab center and he is like a new man now. Thank you again so much for giving us our son back. Barbara and Joe Cotrell.

Barbara and Joe C.

Free My Addiction has such helpful information for teenagers.

Kelly M.

The counselors at Free My Addiction helped us find a rehab center for my daughter. It really helps her and she is 3 years drug free as of today.

Frank Smalley

Thank you for helping us get our son back.

Marsha G.

Our Client

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