Contingency Management: Reward System

What is Contingency Management?

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CM is a relapse prevention program and is used to provide healthy choice incentives and rewards for sobriety milestones during treatment. Rewarding the right behavior teaches the students that for every action, there is a reaction. Doing the right thing can have very beneficial rewards. This is used in conjunction with intense therapy, group, and individual counseling.

Contingency Management (CM) is an evidence-based treatment that provides motivational incentives to treat individuals living with addiction disorder and help support their path to recovery. It reinforces individual positive behavioral change, along with drug tests that are negative for drugs or alcohol. Contingency management is the application of the three-term contingency, which uses stimulus control and consequences to change behavior. CM was originally derived from the science of applied behavior analysis, but it is sometimes implemented from a cognitive-behavior therapy framework as well.

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