Group Therapy and Family Counseling

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Group Therapy for Adolescents, Teens, and Young Adults

While in treatment for addiction, your teen’s recovery should involve family and group therapy sessions as well as individual therapy. This will allow for a well-rounded program that will launch the young adult to join support groups as well as have family support.

Peer group therapy provides support and a sense of belonging when recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Group therapy is a supportive environment where the teen can feel supported and a safe place to express their fears and worries and also give them relapse support. This will also give them a way to learn about others’ struggles and allow them a way to support others which will improve their own self-worth by helping others in their time of need. This type of therapy is a broad therapy model and will sometimes include therapies such as wilderness training, adventure outings, and even Equine therapy.

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What is Group Therapy?

The main goal of group therapy is to give a sense of belonging or relatability through understanding, which is achieved by sharing everyday experiences. For this reason, group therapy is most effective when used to address a specific concern common to all members of the group.

Working through emotional issues with a group of like-minded teens helps the teen in treatment learn new ways of relating to peer pressure, and triggers. Through group work, kids find their voices again and learn to practice new skills in a safe environment with help from an addiction recovery therapist.

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Family Counseling

One of the most commonly used types of family therapy is ‚ÄúStructural Family Therapy‚ÄĚ (SFT). This is an approach that focuses on the interactions between family members and how these interactions shape the family’s structure. Studies also show significant improvements in family member relationships and conflict. These improvements can also lead to better functioning at work or school. After participating in family therapy treatment: Almost 90% of people report an improvement in their emotional health. Involving the entire family in therapy for a troubled teenager can help deal with issues between family members, show the family how to relate to and support the teen, help each family member learn to change unhealthy reactions to each other, and help everyone learn effective communication skills. SOURCE

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