Multi-Systemic Therapy

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What is Multi-Systemic Family Therapy?

MST is an evidence-based intensive treatment process that focuses on diagnosing behavioral health disorders and environmental systems (family, school, peer groups, culture, neighborhood and community) that contribute to, or influence an individual’s involvement, or potential involvement in the juvenile justice system. The target age range is youth 12-17 but youth of other ages can receive the service if medically necessary. The therapeutic modality uses family strengths to promote positive coping activities, works with the caregivers to reinforce positive behaviors, reduces negative behavior, and helps the family increase accountability and problem-solving. Beneficiaries accepting MST receive assessment and home-based treatment that strives to change how the individuals, who are at risk of out-of-home placement, or who are returning home from out-of-home placement, function in their natural settings to promote positive social behavior while decreasing anti-social behavior. MST’s therapeutic model aims to uncover and assess the functional origins of adolescent behavioral problems by altering the individual’s behavior in a manner that promotes prosocial conduct while decreasing aggressive/violent, antisocial, substance-using, and/or delinquent behavior by keeping the individual safely at home, in school and out of trouble. Treatment is used at the onset of behaviors that could result in (or have resulted in) criminal involvement by treating the individual within the environment that has formed the basis of the problem behavior. Source

MST treats addiction as a condition that can start from various areas in a teen’s life, including family life, social life, and peer pressure. This therapy has been shown to treat children and teens with mild to strong anti-social behavioral problems. Teens who abuse drugs or alcohol are almost 10% more likely to try to commit suicide. Call us now to get your son or daughter the treatment and help they deserve.

If you need help for an adult in your life Addiction No More is a locator service for treatment programs for adults.

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